Nerd Alert

I have no idea how to make the above link clickable, so clearly I’m not announcing my tech prowess. No, my shame goes deeper than that.  I like grammar.  As in pronouns, predicates and tenses.  As in, I used to love to diagram sentences.  (Catholic school graduate, thank you very much.)


And so, when a friend posted this link to Staples’ grammar quiz, I was all over it.  I spent a very enjoyable 10 minutes (or so) and am happy/embarrassed to say that I scored 100%.  This quiz covered by two pet peeves – the misuse of they’re/their/there and your/you’re.  Contractions are important.  If I have to teach them to my second graders (and I do!), I should know and follow the rules.

Do I make grammatical mistakes?  Heck yeah.  Just because I like grammar doesn’t mean I’m a robot.  So feel free to scan my blogposts…I’m sure you’ll find some errors.  It won’t change the fact that I like grammar.  Probably because I’m a child of the 70s and grew up with Schoolhouse Rock.  If you’re not familiar, find them on youtube.  I dare you to watch the one on interjections and not get the tune stuck in your head.  



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