Costumes and Parades and Pumpkins, Oh My!

Halloween on a Thursday.  Not my first choice, but it sure beats Monday!  And it sure was nice actually celebrating it on October 31st.  Last year it was completely cancelled at school due to Hurricane Sandy, and the year before it was postponed due to the freak fall snowstorm.

Halloween at our school always begins with an early morning costume parade.Image

It seems a shame to cover those faces with orange ovals!

The parade is immediately followed by our classroom party, which went off without a hitch.  Each and every year I do an old standby craft – decorating orange frames with Halloween foam stickers.  Never gets old!  The following day I added their photos.  Voila!


Following a school-purchased muffin snack (no outside food of any kind as per the school policy), we played Trick or Treat.  The class was divided into two teams, and each child would reach into a cauldron and pick out a slip.  Most slips allowed the child to earn a point or two for their team if they performed a Halloween-themed activity.


They read it aloud and then performed.  Examples included, “Hang upside down like a bat!” and “Pretend to stuff your face full of candy corn!” (See below!)



Under the orange, this pretty devil seems surprised by her choice!  But she was game, as was everyone else!


Of course, a few children chose a Trick slip, which caused their team to lose a point.  But some game parents helped to even out the score by game’s end!

After goody bags were passed out, parents remained to help students out of costumes, but the fun continued after lunch, when we did some pumpkin math.  (See the pumpkin patch in the background of some of the above photos).  A highlight of that lesson?  The sink or float game – which required a custodian to clean up the splashes!   All in good Halloween fun!

The following day was a school wide pajama day, and I wore mine happily – even to the parent meeting I had to attend.  Hey,  I’m teacher.  On the day after Halloween.   No judgment.

Happy Halloween 2013.  I’ve got 2014’s costume covered…and most of it purchased too.  Never leave anything to the last minute.


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