A Halloween Myth Exposed

You know the one I’m referring to.  The one that says that all teachers hate Halloween.  That if they could get away with calling in for a sub, they would.  Well, I’m here to debunk it.  Partially, that is.  There is some truth in the myth.  Truth:  some teachers dislike Halloween.  But it’s not because they are the Halloween-equivalent of the Scrooge character.  It’s not because they can’t abide fun and merriment and joy.  Then why do four out of five teachers surveyed say that Halloween is torture?  Because WE STILL HAVE TO TEACH!  Yes, there will be a parade and costumes and a party…and if you’re lucky, some edible treats.  BUT WE STILL HAVE TO TEACH!  The Core Standards don’t take a holiday.  The curriculum does not take a vacation.  But once you’ve unleashed the holiday mayhem, just try reeling the students back in.  Not.  Easy.


So if your child’s teacher gets a little witchy when you mention Halloween, that’s why.  It’s a conflict.  Balancing Halloween fun with real teaching and learning.  All while keeping sane.

Now, I’m the one out of the five teachers surveyed who loves Halloween.  Always have.  Do I find the balancing act difficult?  Yes.  Do I sympathize with those teachers who would like another superstorm so that Halloween can be avoided?  Yes.  But I like  Halloween.  Sue me.  I like dressing up in a costume and parading around while hundreds of parents wave their cameras at me.  I like playing toss the bat and pin the wart on the witch and wrap the mummy.  And I sincerely miss the days when we could play Halloween bingo using real candy corn as game pieces.  But I know not all teachers are like me when it comes to Halloween.  So, while I’m enjoying the madness while trying to do it all on October 31, I’ll feel for my colleagues.  I’ll return their weary smiles at the end of the day, and I won’t tell them that I’m going home to greet the trick or treaters.  Will I have any this year?  Yup.   ‘Cause I invited my whole class to come calling.  And most likely students from previous years will show up too.  So I’ll stay in my costume until 8:00 pm.

I like Halloween.

P.S.  My daughter just informed me that the last line is a lie.  She says I am in love with Halloween.  So it should read:

I am in love with Halloween.  So there.



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