Fall is in the Air

Know why I love the fall?  Is it the cool, crisp weather during which I will still be wearing short sleeves and capri pants?  Is it the round orange pumpkins sitting on every porch and doorstep in town?  Is it the cascade of leaves that so conveniently covers my crab grass?  Is it the approach of that sacred of all holidays, Halloween?   Is it all of the above?  Uh, yeah – have you met me?  (and if you haven’t, then you are excused)

Since I adore all things autumn, adding fall touches to the classroom decor is on the top of my list.  Bring on the candy corn shaped templates, the tissue paper leaves, the pumpkin man glyphs -all projects I have or will incorporate into my plans in the coming weeks.  Here’s a quick snapshot of the afore-mentioned leaf project:


I even managed to insert a little science into the lesson – the leaves started out green (I do love colored xerox paper) and we discussed the loss of chlorophyll as the summer light begins to fade.  Of course, if it were truly accurate, they would somehow remove the green coloring to show the fall colors beneath, but I haven’t quite worked that out yet.

I’d like to insert a cute ending to this post, like “Happy Fall, Y’all!”  but that’s way too corny for me.  Plus, I’m not from the south.  Y’all’s not in my vocab.  But fall certainly is.


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