The Most Important Thing

No pithy or punny titles today.  No pictures even.  Because today I just want to remember the most important thing.  Yesterday I attended the wake of a caring doctor.  He was there the day my daughter was born, nearly 20 years ago, and remained there every step of the way for our family.  A sudden heart attack at age 57 has shattered the lives of his family, both immediate and extended.  His loss will be felt by families who have similar stories to mine; stories of how he soothed the nerves of the new mother who worried about breastfeeding.  Stories of how he recognized the early signs of a health condition in their child.  Stories of how he was an integral part of the most important thing we parents and we teachers have.  Our children.

Maybe one photo is ok:


Thank you, Dr. C.  From all of the children and those of us who care for them too.



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