Bag O’Shoes

Wait…is that a thing?  Well, in my house yesterday morning, it most certainly was. 

I’ll set the scene:  I’m eating my breakfast bar while checking my emails/twitter/pinterest/facebook and I hear my husband of nearly 26 years spending a longer-than-usual amount of time rummaging through the closet in the bedroom.  Now, I assume he’s not looking for the perfect accessory to go with his outfit, but I really don’t give it much thought.   After all, I’ve got a standing early-morning date with my various sites.

I’m still working my way through the web when he appears in the office doorway.  “Dumb question – have you seen my other shoe?”

“Yes, it’s in the bag of shoes in the kitchen.”

“I just spent 15 minutes looking for my shoe!”

“Well, I need it for school.”

“Well, I need it for work.”

“So, take it out – but give me another one!”

Now, most spouses would be put out by the above conversation, but mine registered only mere annoyance.  He’s been taught well.  He goes into the kitchen and sees the bag o’shoes.


After exchanging the shoes, he quietly returns and asks, in all seriousness, “Is it Shoe Day?”

He recalls those many theme days when I taught Kindergarten.  He really misses Little Red Hen Day, when I would make a loaf of honey bread for him before bringing one to school. But that’s beside the point.  

“No, not Shoe Day.  Just need it for a lesson.” (see tomorrow’s post to find out what lesson it was)


And that is the story of the Bag O’Shoes.  Only a teacher’s significant other would react with such calm and understanding.

Thanks for nearly 26 years and another chuckle.  The chuckle patch is blooming.  (A Magic Garden reference.  Google it if you don’t get it.  And I’m sorry for your loss.  You missed one heck of a kids’ tv show in the 70s)

There was one wistful moment for me in the above exchange.  When he asked if it was “Shoe Day,” once upon a time I might have answered a resounding “Yes!”  But today, in second grade, in the land of CCSS, PARCC, SRI and a myriad of other acronyms, theme days are VERY far and few between.  

But that’s another post.   


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