Pirates are Passionate

If you haven’t read Dave Burgess’s “Teach Like a PIRATE” yet, stop reading this.  Right now.  Borrow it, buy it, download it, get it.  You won’t be sorry.


On our first day back, a day of professional development, we were honored – and I don’t use that term lightly – to participate in Dave’s presentation.  It.  Was. Priceless.  And not just because he was in costume, although he had me at pirate earring.  He is the embodiment of why I’m a teacher – after all, the P in PIRATE stands for Passion.  I’ve always had passion – more passion on some days than on others, but passion is the key.  It unlocks that treasure chest of learning for all students.  If you were in this audience and weren’t moved, either to tears or laughter (or in my case, lots of both), then you might need to rethink your career.  No joke.    It was the most powerful professional development I’ve attended in 25 years.

He received a standing ovation.  At a PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP.  Yes, it really happened.

And he deserved it.

It was unforgettable.

And that is all.


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