Welcome to the Jungle

Call me crazy (you’d hardly be the first), but I’ve been dreaming/obsessing about today since June.  Yup.  Once I knew that my friend was moving to fourth grade and was looking for a fresh start, and knowing that she’d let me have almost-free reign (as I’m the “queen” of decorating, get it??!!), I began planning.  And buying.  And pinteresting.  And…well, if you’re a teacher, you know the drill.

So here’s what we’ve got after one 5 hour day…and 4 people!

ImageThis is the back of the room, and so far, my fave.  The bulletin board was enormous, so we sectioned it off.  The green and black are very striking, if I do say so myself.  And apparently, I just did!


A closer look at this table.  The leopard vinyl tablecloth was an ebay purchase.  The teacher plans to set this up as a social studies area.


This is the edge of one of the carpet areas.  The animal display was to hide the heater.  It’s also what you see when you first enter, so the cute factor had to be high!


Here’s the other carpet area, located in the front of the room.  We prettied up the double cork strip to the right of the smartboard with some tiger border and animal print fans.  She can display anchor charts or other items here.


To the left of the smartboard.  The cart in the middle is going….not nearly nice enough for this room!  Do you see the inflatable dollar store monkeys???  And the Oriental Trading stuffed animals hanging out by the cursive alphabet???  Add more animal print fans and you’re set for a safari!


“ROAR for the Common Core!!”  These paper animals each have the reading Common Core Standards on them.  All she’ll need to do is place an arrow or some other type of mark next to the ones they’re working on.  Functional? Yes.  Fun? Naturally.


The view from in front of the smart and white boards.  I’m wild about it!  And it turned out even better than the visions of it that I had all summer.   More work tomorrow (yes, Labor Day weekend…the school was retiled this summer and this is the FIRST day teachers could go in!) but so far, this is one jungle I’d love to hang out in!!


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