This Better Not Happen…

Although it wasn’t as bad as what’s happening in this picture,Image

my back to school dreaming reached an all-time low last night.  Generally, those nightmares fall into certain categories (see my previous post).  But last night’s….not good at all.

I teach second grade now, but for the first 12 or so years of my career, I taught kindergarten.  Then, I spent about 14 years as a first grade teacher.  This is important information to have to truly understand this dream.  Because in this dream, I find out the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL that I’m no longer teaching second grade.  In this dream, I’ve been moved back to first grade.  But when I meet my new first graders, they are really 5 year olds.  So, I open my bag of kindergarten teaching tricks, and it’s empty.  As in, I’ve completely forgotten how to teach anything but second grade.  And I have NO IDEA what I’m doing.  I can’t remember what this age group needs to learn, how to manage them, how to speak to them, nada.  And therefore, the first day is a disaster.  I was tres glad to wake up this morning, and that says a lot.  I’d rather sleep in than almost anything.

If you’re a parent reading this blog, don’t worry.  This is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  It was just a dream, and not one that’s likely to come true.

You’d think that I’d have had a different sort of dream last night, seeing as today I’m taking my daughter back to college.  But once a teacher, always a teacher.  Or some such.


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