Chomping at the Bit


Getting ready for school is not a race…not with one another, that is.  It IS a race, for some of us at least, against time, our own anxieties, and that mid-August pull of the classroom.  So yes, I’m chomping (or champing, depending on which source you use) to get into my room and get the preparation race started.  Truth be told, I’ve been preparing all summer long, from the comfort of my home, from the office copy room and even in my uncleaned classroom.  But until the desks have been scrubbed and the carpets steamed (or in my case this year, thrown out!) and the floors waxed, the horses are still at the gate.   I tried to get a head start this morning, when I arrived at school at 7:00 am, teacher bag packed, but was turned away by the hard-working custodians who had just spread a coat of that dreaded (dreaded because it’s what keeps me from my room, not because it isn’t pretty and shiny) wax in the hallway outside of my room.  And what made me chomp/champ down harder on said bit?  The fact that just beyond the starting line (the construction site tape that they hang to tell you not to walk on the wax) my room was DONE, as in cleaned, waxed, scrubbed and ready for me to start the race!!  So close.   

I’ll be there tomorrow, at 7:00 am, after what I’m sure will be another night of those teacher dreams.  The race has got to start sometime.



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