Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This…


But there is no 80s song that I know of that applies to this situation.   It’s August, also known as the month of the Teacher Nightmares.  If they made a funny ecard (is there a name for those yet?) about it, it must be a thing.  And for me, it’s been a thing since I’ve started teaching 28 years ago.  So, to acknowledge said special time of year, I’ve broken down those dreams into a few general categories.

THE DREAM ABOUT THE CLASS – That’s the one where your class is triple the size it normally is and you don’t have enough desks or supplies.  Or the one where you get a class list, prepare everything with each student’s name, only to find out on the first day that none of those students are in your class.  Or the one when your class is full of children who misbehave and none of your tricks will, uh, do the trick.

THE DREAM ABOUT THE ROOM – In this scenario,  your room is either too small, in the wrong place, less than well equipped or simply non-existent.  I’ve dreamed that my early childhood classroom is in the equivalent of both an attic and a basement in the high school.  I’ve dreamed that my early childhood classroom, where we sing, read, play, move, is in an office-type cubicle and we can’t do any of the above for fear we might disturb the older kids working on the other side of the half-wall.  I’ve even dreamed that  the classroom was in a bedroom – yet somehow, I never got to use the bed.

THE DREAM ABOUT LOSING THE KIDS – This is the one where you can’t find your class or an individual student.  I’ve lost my class (in the nightmares only) during a firedrill, at dismissal, on a field trip.  I’ve returned to pick them up from lunch, recess and gym, only to find out they are not there.  Most of the time, I wake up before finding them.  Frequent dream.

THE DREAM WHERE I LOSE IT – Is this specific to me only?   The scene is this – I’m teaching and being observed by administrators and/or parents and I completely lose control – I yell and scream at the kids, while the adults in the room stand in judgment.  Please do not analyze this dream – I don’t want to know what it means.

THE DREAM ABOUT SCHOOL THAT DOESN’T FIT INTO ANY OF THOSE CATEGORIES – That’s the dream I had last night.  I swear, when I started this post, it was fresh in my mind, but for the life of me, I can’t recall it now – too much time recalling those other nightmares.  But suffice it to say that it was ONE of those school dreams, the ones that indicate that your subconscience knows it’s August, even if you don’t want to admit it.

So teachers, a word of advice.  Savor the August days, ’cause the nights will remind you of this:Image


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