A Missed Opportunity

Among many, many other things, that’s what July 4th is to me.  Of course, it’s Independence Day, America’s Birthday, Firecracker Day, a National Holiday, BBQ Day, etc. etc.   But is it weird (no reason to answer that one!) that I always think of the cute projects and interesting lessons that I could do if I were teaching in the summer?  Just look at Pinterest, site of everything wonderful, and you’ll see a myriad of red, white and blue goodness that is the Independence Day craft.  I can so easily visualize the patriotic bulletin board display I would create, probably consisting of blow-painted fireworks (blow-painting:  that thing where you take a straw and hover it above a puddle of paint and blow and the splatter looks like fireworks!)  (Did anyone get the SNL Stefan reference?  Prob not.  It wasn’t very good.)

Now, does this post mean I WANT to be teaching in July?  Hard to answer.  I’m happy to be home, lazing the days away and very happy to not see my lunchbox on the counter each morning.  (Well, lunch BAG, but if they still made metal Little House on the Prairie lunchbox and thermos sets, I’d be proudly rockin’ one.  So there.)  But I do miss those bulletin boards.  And I never met a craft I didn’t like (except papier mache – it may be French, but that’s all it’s got going for it!).  So I’ll content myself with simply planning next year’s displays.  And not just MY displays, but I’ve been “hired” to decorate a friend’s new classroom as well.  Well, not exactly hired – more like I begged to be allowed to wreak my creative havoc in her room and, rather than hear me whine, she consented.  Whatever works – I’m getting to do a whole new theme and I have a car trunkful of stuff to prove it!

I was worried that, with the school year over, I’d have nothing to blog about.  Silly me!252-262


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