Summer Insanity

I started out my first day of summer vacation yesterday like an almost-normal person.  After getting up early (out of habit, I suppose), I went back to bed and slept in.  I stayed in my pjs for a nice long time.  I watched some reality tv, jazzed it up at exercise…normal, right???   But it didn’t last.  I spent the bulk of the day completely revamping our plants and animals unit, one I won’t teach again until SPRING OF 2014!!!  Now, in my defense,  I worked on it now because I’m still in school mode, the ideas are fresh in my mind, yadda yadda.  But the reality is, I WAS DOING SCHOOL WORK ON MY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION.

There.  I’ve admitted it.  That’s the first step on the road to recovery.  Right?   Image


Poetry Cafe

ImageYou’ve seen it before -it’s been on many a blog and pinterest board, and probably started with Beth Newingham (google her, right now, if you aren’t familiar!).  But this was my first foray into the world of the Poetry Cafe.  And let me say, I didn’t realize what I’ve been missing!  We set the mood with lots of black, faux candles, a mic and a spotlight.  Each student (either solo or in pairs) recited a poem, complete with expression and movement.  And they all wore black shirts, jeans and a colorful beret (Oriental Trading!) 

What a way to end the year (well, technically there are four more school days but…..)!Image

Love/Hate aka My Complicated Relationship with Summer

“Wait, aren’t you a teacher?  Don’t you LIVE for the summer?  Aren’t you thrilled to have July and August off?  Isn’t that the whole point of going into teaching?”

For most people (and I think I’ve well established that ain’t me!), most of the above remarks (save the last, I hope), would be truths.Image

So, even though I still have 8 days left (thanks, Hurricane Sandy), here’s what summer means to me….


Anything involving sleep.  Sleeping in, staying up late, taking a midday nap if I so chose, going out after dinner, staying in pjs all day.  Yup, that’s my number one reason why I love summer.  So there.

Not having to pick out what I’m going to wear to school.   It’s a close second to the sleeping thing.    Yoga pants all day and a less restrictive bra is my idea of summer heaven.  Also in this category is not having to “do” my hair or makeup.  Which all adds up to summer not being my most attractive time of year.

Regular exercise.  No, I don’t actually love exercising, but it’s a necessary evil and I feel better when it happens regularly, and because I have nothing on the summer agenda, I can get to Jazzercise more than twice a week.

Not packing a lunchbox.  I don’t know why this would make the list, since I bring the exact same thing every day, and it takes about 4.2 seconds to make, but I still like not having to do it.

Time.  To see friends, to make and attend appointments, to read, to see movies in the actual theater, to keep my house clean.  Just to have it.


The heat (you saw that coming, didn’t you??!!)

The way the lawn looks.  At first it’s overgrown with weeds and moss, growing to the height of prairie grass before the landscapers get here, and then it’s brown and crabby and shamefully ugly, especially when compared to my neighbors, whose grass always reflects the facts that they are lawn-care addicts.

A feeling of purposelessness.  Wait, didn’t I just say I loved having free time?  Yeah, I know.  Sue me.  I like doing.  Certain things.  On my time.  Which means I will be spending some of my summer back in the classroom – organizing, planning, decorating come August.

Not teaching.  I love having the summer to reenergize and reflect, but I miss teaching each day.  I guess that’s a good thing.  A weird thing, but still good.

Postscript:  Shirley is not wearing sunglasses in the photo above due to the summer sun.  She tripped over some movie equipment and got a black eye, which she was very proud of!  How do I know this?  Just one of the many useless facts swirling in my brain.

It’s a Battle…

…between my lethargy and my OCD.  Using only a step-ladder, I just hung these number signs on a dreary and humid morning, and naturally, they are woefully misaligned.  Do I redo, as suggested by Anal Annie sitting on my right shoulder?  Or do I let them be, because, as Lazy Lucy on my left says, “Who really cares?”

I care, but just how much, I’m not sure.

And that’s all I’ve got for today. IMG_2028

Takin’ a Stroll…

Officially, our current Social Studies unit is called “A Working World,” but it’s always been referred to

as “Main Street.” BeforeIMG_1982graduating to second grade, I always admired the cute rows of businesses on display on the bulletin board, and now I have my own to share!  I even had to add my own personal flair (because I am, after all, me*) and scribbled a Main Street poem.  It’s probably my last bulletin board


 of the school year, so I’m glad it’s a cute one!

*Can anyone identify the ’80s movie that quote is from?