Survival by the Sea

IMG_1971I take it back.  Part of it anyway.  Although my face is sunburned and my legs are stiff, the trip to the beach was worth it.  Each and every one of my students had been to the beach before, and some to far more exotic beaches than Sandy Hook, NJ.  Didn’t matter.  Yesterday, it was all new, all thrilling and yes, all exhausting.  Seining was a highlight of the trip – check out the photo below.  Yup, even I did it.  Nope, there is no photographic evidence.  Seashell gathering, certainly not a new experience for any of these guys, apparently takes on another meaning when done with your classmates.  And thank you, second grade, for making your teacher look awesome (which she is, BTW!) when you identified the shells as bivalves or univalves BEFORE the tour guide asked.

ImageSee ya next year, Sandy Hook.  I’ll be sure to rest up.


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