She Sells Seashells….

I have one day to prepare.  I need more.

It’s the annual second grade field trip to the shore.  The Jersey shore.  With sand.  And heat.  And the ocean.

And a nearly two-hour bus ride with 40 students.   Oh joy.  Oh rapture.

Now, let’s be clear – I love my job, I love my students, I love exposing them to new information, yadda yadda.   But I do. not. love. the. beach.

I know – that’s tantamount to heresy.  Everyone loves the ocean – so soothing, so relaxing, so HOT, so SANDY.

To be fair, no bathing suits are required.   To be fair, I understand it’s a well-organized trip, full of hands-on activities.  To be fair, we’ll have plenty of chaperones to keep things in check.  All good. And I know when it’s over, and I’m sunburned and exhausted and mentally spent, I’ll be glad to have had the experience.  And to give that experience to my kids.

But I’ve gotta prepare.  Don’t be fooled by Shirley’s smile.  She feels me.Image


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