Go Team!

This is most definitely NOT a sports-related post – and anyone who really knew me would know that that’s not a possibility!  Broadway, film, music – all very likely, but sports – not so much!!  No, the kind of team I’m referring to in today’s title is team-teaching, and I was able to do a bit of it yesterday.  April 25 was Take Your Child to Work Day, and since so many students participated, I was left with only 8 children!  A colleague had only 5, so it was a perfect time to combine classes…and teaching talents!


We spent the first part of the morning in her room, where she had the laptops ready for us.  They explored ABCya and found lots of choices to help them practice reading, spelling and math skills. After they, they came to my room, where I read (my speciality!!) “Miss Rumphius” while they children sketched their visualizations.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a true Tonnessen lesson unless there was a craft involved, so they used dot paints to paint lovely lupine flowers.IMG_1889

After one more story at the end of the day (“The Curious Garden” – an ode to the Highline park in NYC), we went outside in the amazing April weather to conduct a plant scavenger hunt.  It was a gem of a day….but it’s back to the same ol’ stuff (albeit very cool stuff!) of a regular school day today.

I’ve gotta plan more of these kind of days….


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