We’ve Got the Whole World….

IMG_1798As time allows, I’ll continue uploading my classroom photos, but I’m taking a moment to show off the adorable Earth Day pillows we created this week.  It was a two day project, but well worth it!  On the first day, they used a circle tracer to cut their own blue felt circles.  They used simple continent tracers on green felt – yes, they could cut felt!!  Then, using Tacky Glue, they glued the continents in relatively appropriate places on the circles.   The following day, I had three adult helpers thread their needles and sew the circles together with just a few stitches.  This got them started.  Then they were able to stitch three quarters around, then stopped to stuff, then finished sewing.  The adults remained to help rethread needles, knot thread, untangle, etc.  The only glitch was the thread.  I had purchased heavy duty thread, which worked very well, but the “silky” thread that I used to supplement didn’t hold up – it tore too easily and the knots slipped out.  An easy fix for next year.   For me, a true testament of a project is if I’m wiling to do it again!!Image


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