I’m Going Hollywood!

This title is another Little Rascals reference – don’t know what it is about that show, but lately it’s been on my mind!

When I moved to second grade, I moved classrooms as well.  My new room, although much smaller than my previous one, had been updated several years ago.  It now has new cabinetry, shelving, sink, a cubby area – tons and tons of gorgeous storage.  And if you knew me, you’d know I NEED tons of storage, ’cause after 20 plus years, I have TONS of stuff!


I wanted to try a classroom theme for my decor, something I’d never done before.  Hollywood was an easy choice – I put on a show every day!  After spending countless hours scouring the web (thank you, pinterest!) I was ready to go Hollywood.  Over the next few days, as time allows, I’ll begin posting photos of my classroom as it looked at the end of August – bright and shiny and ready to go.  It’s still pretty bright and shiny, and we’ve been going all year long!IMG_1399

This is the front of my room – the classroom door is to the left of this photo.  Notice the popcorn alphabet (teacherspayteachers) and the matching red pocket charts.  Symmetry makes me smile!  My red drapery pulls it all together and has gotten many compliments – another idea I borrowed from another brilliant teacher out there in cyberspace!

Another thing that makes me happy is being “ahead of the game.”  It’s a phrase I use constantly with my class – there is no game, of course, but it’s my way of saying that you’re well-prepared and ready to go.  That’s the case with this display – in September we weren’t required to post our objectives, but I just loved this way this looked.  The objectives are slipped into clear pockets that stick to the cabinet doors.  Recently it’s become a requirement, and I now include the Common Core Standard as well.  And most importantly, it looks cute!    Will  post more soon….



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